Tips to overcome the fear of Public Speaking

The word “Public Speaking” itself causes fear and anxiety in the minds of the people. Just the thought of speaking in front of a group of people makes you feel nervous. In other words, the public speaking fear can also be known as “Gloss phobia”. It is common types of fear by which generally people are suffering from.

Just stepping up to the podium not only makes you to create an expert position in your working area but also provides you effortless communication skills and great opportunities.

People with whom you are dealing with will be receptive in listening to your offerings of your products and services rather than the endless calls.

There are several tips to overcome the fear of public speaking. Some of the important tips are:

  1. Start Small: If you are to start speaking in public just start from small level. Gather your friends or the family members and begin by speaking on small topics with them and build up from there. Because the number of audience makes no difference.
  2. Prepare: The important thing is to be prepared with your contents. Rehearse your topics and have a backup in case your time is left over.
  3. Don’t memorize: Never memorize your speech just remember the key points and have a practice to elaborate them with the help of examples.
  4. Avoid Bullets: Maximum number of people now-a-days use the presentation approach but it makes the audience bore. So make a practice to your point orally and if you use PowerPoint then use visual approach to convey effectively.
  5. Find friend and engage the audience: Introduce yourself to few member sitting in the first row and an eye contact with them to ease your nervousness. Make a practice of two way communication and interact with the audience to reduce boredom.

These were the few tips which will surely help you.


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