Reality of Sales Training Programs

Many times the truth behind the Reality of Sales Training Programs is very bitter and sweet too. Bitter for those who find this particular training as a waste of time and money but there is a lot more behind it. Sweet when people find unprecedented results from it. To enlighten you on both the facts, here is a write-up compiled with some important information

A bad salesman can never be fixed via sales training –

It is always said that the only good training can do to a moron is that it can turn him into an idiot. See, it entirely depends on the person’s faith towards his or her work, whether or not he or she is full of motivation. Therefore, on a whole, it can be concluded that it is better to train a person who is hungry to do some sales rather than making an uninterested person to do it.

Sales training is certainly not a waste of time and money –

Let’s take the example of Motorola who invested a certain part of their revenue in the training of their staff. The result was outstanding. With every penny spent on training of its people, the revenue grew more which gave it a tough time to its competitors.

A follow – up is necessary for the salesperson –

In a total time of one month, a salesperson will lose to whatever he has learned in the last sales training; therefore, in order to avoid this, it is necessary that the salesperson is given the follow – ups at least once in a month.

Final words on the training –

Saying that training is a waste of time isn’t correct because the amount of training you do or get only results into some great results. Be it any profession, you need to practice your moves, your tactics in a way where your competitor wipes out from the market.


Lead a Successful Life – Learn Time management skills

The definition of success can be defined for each individual differently based upon his/her abilities, requirements, strength, and weakness, in life. The word “success” can be defined as a gain, a profit, any achievement, a victory, prosperity. It can be attainment of wealth; fame, a result or an outcome of hard work, etc.

Each individual has different views for success. An individual can declare his/her success only when he/she is satisfied and happy in life. Each individual have different mind-set for their success. Some may have dream to be a successful business man, some may be satisfied with fulfilling the basic needs of their family, etc.

But it an important task for each and every individual to recognize the basic steps required to achieve his/her success successfully. He/she may have an idea of their own strength, weakness, and capabilities to accomplish their success.

Requirement to lead a successful life:

The requirements may also vary for an individual to individual. Some common requirements can be listed as:

  • Time management
  • Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Stay Focused
  • Take Risks
  • Accept Failures

There can be many more requirements but they are some essentials once. Among them the most important or we can say the initial one is the “Time Management”. It may cover all the rest of the points in itself.

Time Management

Time Management is nothing but to plan your time effectively and efficiently for better result or outcome. Time management can be achieved by various skills, tools, methods, process and planning.

Various effective skills to attain time management:

  • Goal-setting
  • Self-motivation
  • Focus
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Patience

Therefore, to lead a successful life an individual must keep in mind the various points which we discussed above.

What leadership workshop can do for an organisation?

The success of leadership training totally depends on how it is done. Good leaders are always memorable and excellent leaders are unforgettable because of their work. It was their work and leadership that made you remembers them, motivate and encourage yourself.


It is important for everyone to be surrounded by some effective leaders so that they can influence you to achieve business as well as team goals. The best part of training is that leaders can be created.

Some of the major benefits that leadership program can provide for an organization are:

  1. Increase productivity: Leadership increase the productivity by creating a mutual understanding between people. The interaction is completely helpful to easily communicate and understand others point of views.
  2. Retain your people: By the leadership program you can retain on your people rather than spending on recruiters. The main reason why maximum of the people leave their jobs is due to their bosses who do not trust them. Leadership-chalkboard.jpg
  3. Nurture future leaders: Give chance to future leaders and guide them. Nurturing future leaders helps for the future planning and further growth. It provides employee career pathway and increase retention.
  4. Increase employee engagement: Leadership training teaches effective ways of feedback to encourage and increase the skill level of the employee. Everyone likes to know that how they are progressing and want to be praised with a good and positive feedback. Fotolia_76283005_S-700x467
  5. Implement an effective leadership: There are different types of leadership styles and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. So we need to implement the effective because leadership training also help employee to develop personal leadership style due to which he/she may respond soon.
  6. Make better decisions: Leadership training is also helpful in making better decisions. It makes the employee intelligent and capable of thinking all the perspectives.

For this few reasons Leadership training can be considered as investment return.


Benefits of Leadership Training Program

Leadership programs are designed to offer potential and productivity to a person. With this program, you can achieve success as an individual and as an organisation. In today’s world where economies of different countries are competing with each other, it is important for the organisation to hire those people who can guide other people in achieving targets. Here are some more benefits that a person can get through leadership programs which are deliverable for the organisations too:


  1. Develops key skills: There are certain skills that are noticed as in qualities of a person which are his communication skills, leadership quality, critical thinking and problem solving ability. Also, an individual learn multiple things such as ethics, values and character. Without these skills, you won’t find a leader.
  2. Builds confidence: Being a youth, becoming a leader not only inspires you them but also offer them challenges on their workplace so that they can dream more to achieve their targets. The training programs give importance to every young person who has a potential to lead. There are few offers such as internships, special projects and community services are offered to captivate their skills.  shutterstock_108550430.jpg
  3. Learn different strategies: There is much that a youth can learn under leadership skills that will enhance his power to lead others. They can learn about cutting edge competition, high tend technologies, motivation to others, problem solving skills, enhancing time management and much more.
  4. Positive results: Certain institutes are offering step by step process through which they can inspire youths so that they can guide an organisation to positive results. There are many success stories of leaders that are there which can easily inspire an individual of becoming a leader.


Being a leader really fascinate a person as he can deliver his motivation and experience to others. There is much a leader can offer to the society.





A Guide to know more about Motivational Speakers

Are you interested to become a motivational speaker? Then it is very much necessary to know a lot about the ways to become a motivational speaker. It’s not that simple because one needs to follow some expert’s knowledge relating to motivational speakers online and get inspirations from that. At times it is seen that those whose speeches are inspiration to others use their experiences and knowledge to talk to others and try to motivate them. This kind of motivation works as an action to change their life in future.


Some guides to know about motivational speakers

Before selecting a motivational speaker as an inspiration it is necessary to check out factors like the subject on which they speak their interest on speaking, ability and confidence to speak on the matter and experiences in delivering speeches.


  • The speaker must focus on the subject and should be specific to the point while speaking to audiences.
  • Their speeches must be influencing to others lives and must hold strong responsibility to express the way of learning.
  • Must be open enough to speak on the subjective with not failing due to default during speeches.
  • Quite experienced into the field with deep knowledge and practice.
  • Should be social enough to move on with a good speech to collect best appreciation.


For those motivational speakers, it is necessary to go deep into the subject and then speak about it. Getting a motivational speaker is not that easy. This does need a lot of research and reviews to check out for getting the best of their performances in form of videos. These would be probably one of the best guides to know about motivational speakers.

Keep these things in mind before hiring a motivational speaker

Admit it; there are times when all of us need to have some source of motivation.  The world around us is like an ocean of motivation and demotivation flowing together, it is our choices that matter. Motivational speakers are the people who present the way to do things before you so that you can understand them easily.

Keynote speaker

Tips to keep in mind before hiring a motivational speaker

Hiring a motivational speaker can be a tough job because you need to get the best so that the session actually gets you the expected fruits. Apart from public speaking skills, here are some things you need to take care of-


  1. The ability to understand your needs-the motivational speaker you are hiring needs to understand your purpose for hiring him. A corporate entertainment, education on better communication skills or anything else; every scenario has its own challenges and he needs to mold in it.
  2. Action oriented speech- an effective speech does not only makes the listeners understand the subject, but also to get indulged in it right away. The speech needs to have a lasting impact on the minds of listeners and also needs to give them a clear plan to work on.
  3. Love for the craft- a person not interested in his work cannot make others interested in theirs. A motivational speaker should command the attention of the audience from the moment he starts speaking. All in all he should be dynamic and interesting to hear else the session won’t do any good.

Above mentioned points are just the starters you can start with. just keep in mind that the session should be fruitful for the listeners and they should get filled up with energy and zeal after that.

How To Evaluate A Presentation Skills Training Program

Presentation skills training programs are critical for career and business growth. As a presenter your abilities are constantly under evaluation by your peers, boss and customers. So, if you are looking to refine your leadership and presentation skills there are number of ways to evaluate the best leadership training program for you.

5 Factors To Consider To Evaluate A Presentation Skill Training Program

  1. The Workshop Should Contain a Structured Approach

It should teach a structured approach to presenting, which includes a trademark process marked by minimal process presentations and a precise format such as storytelling and conversation making. A structured approach ensures consistent result in performance.

  1. It Should Be All In One

Good presentation skill training will allocate equal amount of time in the critical parts such as thinking skills, public speaking and design skills by using various tools including story creation, putting thoughts together, power point presentation, visual images, layouts and diagrams, and effective communication, reaction  and judgement.

  1. It Should Give You More

There’s nothing called oral tips and tricks in a training program; that could easily be picked from a free book. “Stand straight”, “look in the eye” etc. may inspire you instantly but it won’t do much good as they aren’t intense enough.

Look for programs that guide you with practical and real life studies and ask you to perform on the same.

  1. It Ought To Be Creative

No matter what you are being trained on, your workshop should offer something unique for you to inculcate. It should teach steadfast and practical ways to sharpen your skills. It should be more as a mentoring program than a school oriented teaching style.

  1. It Must Use A Practical Methodology

If your program does not address the practical issues of work, career and life and does not produce any practical solution, it’s not worthy at all.

An experienced trainer ought to be present in the workshop; there should be enough practice exercises and enough time allocated to hone the skills. It should also follow a step by step approach in perfecting skills.