Tips to overcome the fear of Public Speaking

The word “Public Speaking” itself causes fear and anxiety in the minds of the people. Just the thought of speaking in front of a group of people makes you feel nervous. In other words, the public speaking fear can also be known as “Gloss phobia”. It is common types of fear by which generally people are suffering from.

Just stepping up to the podium not only makes you to create an expert position in your working area but also provides you effortless communication skills and great opportunities.

People with whom you are dealing with will be receptive in listening to your offerings of your products and services rather than the endless calls.

There are several tips to overcome the fear of public speaking. Some of the important tips are:

  1. Start Small: If you are to start speaking in public just start from small level. Gather your friends or the family members and begin by speaking on small topics with them and build up from there. Because the number of audience makes no difference.
  2. Prepare: The important thing is to be prepared with your contents. Rehearse your topics and have a backup in case your time is left over.
  3. Don’t memorize: Never memorize your speech just remember the key points and have a practice to elaborate them with the help of examples.
  4. Avoid Bullets: Maximum number of people now-a-days use the presentation approach but it makes the audience bore. So make a practice to your point orally and if you use PowerPoint then use visual approach to convey effectively.
  5. Find friend and engage the audience: Introduce yourself to few member sitting in the first row and an eye contact with them to ease your nervousness. Make a practice of two way communication and interact with the audience to reduce boredom.

These were the few tips which will surely help you.


Why Should Everyone Opt for Communication Skills Training?

No one can deny that an effective communication skill is extremely valuable. This is something that lies above a good conversation. A good communication is going to help not just with writing and composing emails, but is also going to help in focusing over better communication with fellow employees and clients.

The companies and corporate provide with a corporate training program which help the employees. This is being designed to improve their potentiality to speak and communicate between each other. Rather, it is considered as an integrated part of every organization. With these basic skill programs even the organization builds a better way for growing globally.


Benefits of communication skills training

You can check out the benefits of communication skills training:

  • Excellent communication skills based training is going to bring on a satisfaction and helps in growing confidence.
  • Right way to communicate makes it easier for explaining what you want to speak on in an easy way.
  • Good communication is going to help avoid verbal altercations and help with better management of anger and changing relationships.
  • With a good communication skill, one can succeed with increasing business relationships.
  • Moreover, you can create an impressive remark with these communication skills to present ideas to their prospective clients.
  • Good communication skill is going to help with mastering the art and managing the relationship in a better way.
  • By these communication skills training, the organizations are going to provide with a power of expression in employees. Rather, this is going to help boost business or the organization in a perfect way.


Communication is considered as a medium of expression. This is one of the finest ways in which one can express their views and develop a friendly attitude to explore business thoughts.

The Value of Public Speaking Skills in Today’s World

That one skill that will effectively boost your value as a leader or manager or business professional by 50% is going to be art of public speaking. You can easily win any debate or argument logically of course, if you know the value public speaking courses in today’s competitive world hold.

Do not ever make the mistake of thinking that public speaking skill is not important in your personal and professional growth. The skill is as important as learning to operate computer to work in an IT firm. The only difference is public speaking and communication is important irrespective of your profession, designation, nation and gender.

Many people, especially the parents make mistakes by focusing on developing only the professional aspects or academics and spend a lot on cultivating other skills like singing and painting, without even realizing that success of your hobbies, knowledge and academics critically lies on your communication, personality, confidence, and public speaking and presentation skills.

So, if you think at times you are incapable of expressing your thoughts, jumbled words come out while speaking or get anxious to face a crowd, then you definitely should consider attending public speaking courses.

If your company or school is ok with the concept, then in-house programs also train to build skills that help individuals to speak up and speak out without buckling down with fear.


6 reasons why good public speaking will have strong impact on your career;

  • It’s a good way to demonstrate your knowledge.
  • By preparing your presentation you actually gain a lot of insights about the subject.
  • Speaking to a large group effectively can boost your confidence level.
  • Public speaking skills will help you stand out and make your seniors notice you.
  • Being a dynamic public speaker and communicator will help you avoid career risks.
  • You will be a promotable material and you may end up in the top of the success ladder earlier than the others.

Build Confidence through Public Speaking Courses

Most of us hesitate when we are asked to speak in front of a large gathering. Even though we may be quite informative about the subject, we resist speaking up because we worry that we may not talk with confidence and may end up tongue-tied. None of us are genius in this skill; fumbling and getting anxious while talking is normal to most. But you can overcome your fear of public speaking if you participate in in-house programs that motivate and guide us to be a better communicator and presenter.

Public Speaking Courses help us build confidence and encourage us to communicate any issue or subject with ease and clarity.

 The objectives of an effective in-house program on public speaking include;

  • Develop confidence while addressing a crowd in meetings and confidence
  • Improve speech by effectively applying simple methodologies
  • Improve your body language, vocabulary and stance
  • Applying useful techniques to make impromptu speeches
  • Developing simple tactics to clear speeches
  • Developing the art of making easy and harmless conversations
  • How to make special speeches with varying presentations
  • Understanding audience perspectives clearly
  • Building effective keynotes and presentations
  • Understanding and applying the basics of effective communication
  • Developing stage etiquettes
  • How to create effective speeches in short time
  • Ways to manage nervousness and anxiousness

A great Public Speaking Course will contain all of the aforementioned objectives.  Every course or in-house program will exhibit different set of training methodologies. However, at the end an effective course will definitely change the way you speak-up, communicate and lead.

There are many people out there who have great ideas and innovative minds; their thoughts can truly inspire a lot of development in the community. But lack of speaking abilities curb down their mind to reach out and talk for themselves and for the society. Public Speaking Courses make sure that such hidden skills are fine-tuned with proper motivation and skill training.

Benefits of Public Speaking Courses for Students

Being able to get up and talk in a class-full of students is a great skill indeed. We all know how terrifying it is to speak up in front of an audience. And, more the fear is encouraged more disruptive will be a child’s school life. Children are very sensitive to demotivation and ridicules, and a life of a student is not so easy.

So why do we need to add further pressure by making them a mockery in front of their friends? Since children are more fearless and are quite adaptive to new challenges, it’s the right time to enroll your kid in public speaking courses.

Of course, nowadays every student oriented schools and colleges encourage in-house programs to eliminate the fear of public speaking in students.

Knowing the benefits of public speaking courses may help you to decide;

  • Highly Motivated Children

Kids who attend public speaking courses will have improved self-esteem. They would not fear to express when they are questioned about their studies and academics.

  • Improved Linguistic and Communication Skills

Well when you eliminate the fear of speaking, your communication will automatically be effortless. Students would have better command over their language, will improve their stance and coordination with teachers and may outshine in many areas they felt poorly earlier.

  • More Participation in Extra-Curriculum Activities

Students gain confidence to speak out and speak-up and that result in participating in competitions such as debates, elocution and other events where presentation and public speaking is a must to win. And such school exposure strengthens their mental stance and improves their overall academic performance.

  • Leaders of Future

And finally, when kids are imbibed with Public Speaking skills through in-house programs, parents pave a way for future leaders. Public speaking courses channels them to perform without fear constantly nagging behind. Such training programs also inculcate leadership skills, communication and managerial skills in students that help them to find and pursue better career opportunities.

How Public Speaking Courses Can Help to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking?

The fear of public speaking can disrupt a lot of things in your life, your career, your confidence and your ability to express your viewpoint, and finally your growth as an individual. However, it is the most common of all phobias.


What is fear of public speaking actually? It is a kind of performance anxiety in which individuals become anxious while addressing to a crowd. These people will be overly concerned about their appearance in public, let alone talk, and may even end up having a panic attack while speaking. Their apprehension eventually leads them to develop a chronic fear of public speaking that is disruptive and threatening.

Some people deliberately avoid public speaking and thusly underperform in colleges so to not make it to the limelight or at work, they pass on promotions and projects that call for a lot of presentation and public speaking assignments.


But the good news is there are ways to solve the problem of public speaking anxiety. The tricks used are similar to tricks applied to curb down other fears and phobias. Some people deliberately take the challenge and accept to speak in front of public. However, the self-applied methods they use actually inculcate more fear within them.

Fear is persistent, hence it should be got rid from the root and to help doing so we have comprehensive public speaking courses that follow a well-structured training program to not only combat your fear but understand the root cause of it and work on them with exercises, introspection and by facing multiple challenges.

Fear of public speaking will stop when you stop focusing on you and start focusing on the audience and the subject to be addressed. In- house training programs organised by colleges and companies help a great deal to overcome this awful fear and cultivate a great

First of all, understand this: fear of public speaking is real and nothing to be ashamed of and it’s a beneficial skill that you need to cultivate through effective in-house public speaking courses.

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