All you wanted to know about motivational speakers

It has been seen for a long period of time anyone having public speaking skills put themselves in the category of motivational speakers. But the reality is quite different. According to the web giant Wikipedia a motivational speaker is ”a professional speaker, facilitator or trainer who speaks to audience usually for a fee.” A motivational speaker needs to command the attention of the listeners and make the session useful as per the needs of the organization hiring him.


Motivational speakers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Not requiring any specific certificate score this profession still needs you to have the ability to lift up, educate the listeners for your success in this field. This can be done in a number of ways like humor, originality or story telling.

How are they used in conferences or meetings?

Motivational speakers are well known to engage and generate an immediate response amongst their presentation participants. Not every event planner has this skill, hence; this can be used to deliver the content and purpose of the meeting. Meeting planners who need in depth content regarding the topic often hire a motivational speaker to conduct the event.

Difference between an inspirational speaker and a motivational speaker

There are many similarities between the two, but one subtle difference is that inspirational speakers are often hired to give a warm message to listeners by storytelling of overcoming obstacles. Whereas the motivational speaker the speakers who can be dynamic, energetic with a presentation geared towards firing up an audience.

If one needs to be successful in this field only the power of public speaking won’t bring him fruits. The purpose with which he is hired should be kept in mind while making the presentation that he is going to present before the audience.


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