10 Tips For Total Immersion In Presentation Skills Training

To get most out of a presentation skills training program, you need to embrace the total immersion approach. With corporate budget being slashed, unfortunate education cost cuts and changing mind-sets of corporates, professionals shouldn’t rely on their organizations to provide them leadership training. The best they could do is using these following 10 tips to build a self-learning experience from home or work.

10 Tips for Creating Total Immersion for Learning Presentation Skills


  1. Set yourself a learning room by turning off the television or music, wherever you are. And set aside a particular time where you would not be interrupted.
  2. Learn it your way; if you love watching tutorials then go for video presentation skills training. And likewise if books interest you then train with guides and manuals.
  3. Respect the time you are investing to learn new skills. Learning is important, and hence keep yourself away from all distraction & obligations, value your time and commit to show up for the class.
  4. Record what you learn by keeping a journal. Write down your ideas, inspirations and special quotes that help you rediscover. Journals help your prepare to present better.
  5. Use what you learned. Try out a technique you have been taught on that day’s presentation skill training session. Present your idea to your friends or family. It will enhance your capabilities right away.
  6. Test yourself by scoring your performance after each presentation. Keep questioning your development and enjoy a rapid growth in leadership.
  7. Connect with the real word with no hesitance if you are learning your leadership skills online; your trainer would definitely want that. Review your knowledge and discover areas of work where you can practice them.
  8. Follow your intuition to focus on areas that are most important to you to start and rise.
  9. Go on your own pace, however when you are at a virtual class. You are here to learn a beneficial skill; hence try until there’s no chance to error.
  10. Stretch your skills for total immersion. It will go for a waste if you don’t test or challenge yourself. Apply them in your work without worrying about failure.

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