Keep these things in mind before hiring a motivational speaker

Admit it; there are times when all of us need to have some source of motivation.  The world around us is like an ocean of motivation and demotivation flowing together, it is our choices that matter. Motivational speakers are the people who present the way to do things before you so that you can understand them easily.

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Tips to keep in mind before hiring a motivational speaker

Hiring a motivational speaker can be a tough job because you need to get the best so that the session actually gets you the expected fruits. Apart from public speaking skills, here are some things you need to take care of-


  1. The ability to understand your needs-the motivational speaker you are hiring needs to understand your purpose for hiring him. A corporate entertainment, education on better communication skills or anything else; every scenario has its own challenges and he needs to mold in it.
  2. Action oriented speech- an effective speech does not only makes the listeners understand the subject, but also to get indulged in it right away. The speech needs to have a lasting impact on the minds of listeners and also needs to give them a clear plan to work on.
  3. Love for the craft- a person not interested in his work cannot make others interested in theirs. A motivational speaker should command the attention of the audience from the moment he starts speaking. All in all he should be dynamic and interesting to hear else the session won’t do any good.

Above mentioned points are just the starters you can start with. just keep in mind that the session should be fruitful for the listeners and they should get filled up with energy and zeal after that.


How To Evaluate A Presentation Skills Training Program

Presentation skills training programs are critical for career and business growth. As a presenter your abilities are constantly under evaluation by your peers, boss and customers. So, if you are looking to refine your leadership and presentation skills there are number of ways to evaluate the best leadership training program for you.

5 Factors To Consider To Evaluate A Presentation Skill Training Program

  1. The Workshop Should Contain a Structured Approach

It should teach a structured approach to presenting, which includes a trademark process marked by minimal process presentations and a precise format such as storytelling and conversation making. A structured approach ensures consistent result in performance.

  1. It Should Be All In One

Good presentation skill training will allocate equal amount of time in the critical parts such as thinking skills, public speaking and design skills by using various tools including story creation, putting thoughts together, power point presentation, visual images, layouts and diagrams, and effective communication, reaction  and judgement.

  1. It Should Give You More

There’s nothing called oral tips and tricks in a training program; that could easily be picked from a free book. “Stand straight”, “look in the eye” etc. may inspire you instantly but it won’t do much good as they aren’t intense enough.

Look for programs that guide you with practical and real life studies and ask you to perform on the same.

  1. It Ought To Be Creative

No matter what you are being trained on, your workshop should offer something unique for you to inculcate. It should teach steadfast and practical ways to sharpen your skills. It should be more as a mentoring program than a school oriented teaching style.

  1. It Must Use A Practical Methodology

If your program does not address the practical issues of work, career and life and does not produce any practical solution, it’s not worthy at all.

An experienced trainer ought to be present in the workshop; there should be enough practice exercises and enough time allocated to hone the skills. It should also follow a step by step approach in perfecting skills.

Eight tips for event planners to get the most from the motivational speaker

A great illusionist is the right description that you can give to a successful event planner. Presenting months long, stressful planning into an event is an art that needs to be mastered if you wish to be successful in it. Hiring the right professionals to make your event a success is also something that you need to understand.

Eight tips for you to go big motivational speaker

The end result may seem to be magical, but the sweat that is put into it is all that matters. Some tips for you to get the most from your motivational speaker are-

  1. Start early- being perfect in your planning is completely dependent on how early you start. A Search for a motivational speaker ahead of time will give you the comfort to get the speaker that fits your bill both quality and money.
  2. Homework- before you approach a motivational speaker you need to make sure that you have a clear picture of what you need. You need a knowledgeable and supportive team to be successful. Your purpose, budget and everything that you can possibly think of needs to get cleared.
  3. Seek advice- look for a speaker bureau. They will help you get the best motivational speaker that fits your entire requirement. You will have full access to speaker’s history and work.


  1. Communicate with speaker- getting your needs cleared with the speaker one on one is the only way to get it done perfectly.
  2. Get it in writing- make sure that you literally got your needs cleared and that you both are on the same page. Ensure it that your needs are written in a document and everyone sees it.
  3. Treat your speaker well- the better you keep your speaker the better he will serve the purpose for you. Remember a happy speaker is a helpful speaker.
  4. Be prepared- get ready for any problem beforehand. Circulate the all the numbers well in your team for better communication.
  5. Evaluate- learn from the event you just organized. Get one on one with the people in the crowd and make sure the event ahead of it gets a better management.

A motivational speaker is a magician in his field. With public speaking skills, a good motivational speaker can help you leave a lasting impact on your audience.


All you wanted to know about motivational speakers

It has been seen for a long period of time anyone having public speaking skills put themselves in the category of motivational speakers. But the reality is quite different. According to the web giant Wikipedia a motivational speaker is ”a professional speaker, facilitator or trainer who speaks to audience usually for a fee.” A motivational speaker needs to command the attention of the listeners and make the session useful as per the needs of the organization hiring him.


Motivational speakers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Not requiring any specific certificate score this profession still needs you to have the ability to lift up, educate the listeners for your success in this field. This can be done in a number of ways like humor, originality or story telling.

How are they used in conferences or meetings?

Motivational speakers are well known to engage and generate an immediate response amongst their presentation participants. Not every event planner has this skill, hence; this can be used to deliver the content and purpose of the meeting. Meeting planners who need in depth content regarding the topic often hire a motivational speaker to conduct the event.

Difference between an inspirational speaker and a motivational speaker

There are many similarities between the two, but one subtle difference is that inspirational speakers are often hired to give a warm message to listeners by storytelling of overcoming obstacles. Whereas the motivational speaker the speakers who can be dynamic, energetic with a presentation geared towards firing up an audience.

If one needs to be successful in this field only the power of public speaking won’t bring him fruits. The purpose with which he is hired should be kept in mind while making the presentation that he is going to present before the audience.

10 Tips For Total Immersion In Presentation Skills Training

To get most out of a presentation skills training program, you need to embrace the total immersion approach. With corporate budget being slashed, unfortunate education cost cuts and changing mind-sets of corporates, professionals shouldn’t rely on their organizations to provide them leadership training. The best they could do is using these following 10 tips to build a self-learning experience from home or work.

10 Tips for Creating Total Immersion for Learning Presentation Skills


  1. Set yourself a learning room by turning off the television or music, wherever you are. And set aside a particular time where you would not be interrupted.
  2. Learn it your way; if you love watching tutorials then go for video presentation skills training. And likewise if books interest you then train with guides and manuals.
  3. Respect the time you are investing to learn new skills. Learning is important, and hence keep yourself away from all distraction & obligations, value your time and commit to show up for the class.
  4. Record what you learn by keeping a journal. Write down your ideas, inspirations and special quotes that help you rediscover. Journals help your prepare to present better.
  5. Use what you learned. Try out a technique you have been taught on that day’s presentation skill training session. Present your idea to your friends or family. It will enhance your capabilities right away.
  6. Test yourself by scoring your performance after each presentation. Keep questioning your development and enjoy a rapid growth in leadership.
  7. Connect with the real word with no hesitance if you are learning your leadership skills online; your trainer would definitely want that. Review your knowledge and discover areas of work where you can practice them.
  8. Follow your intuition to focus on areas that are most important to you to start and rise.
  9. Go on your own pace, however when you are at a virtual class. You are here to learn a beneficial skill; hence try until there’s no chance to error.
  10. Stretch your skills for total immersion. It will go for a waste if you don’t test or challenge yourself. Apply them in your work without worrying about failure.

Why Should Everyone Opt for Communication Skills Training?

No one can deny that an effective communication skill is extremely valuable. This is something that lies above a good conversation. A good communication is going to help not just with writing and composing emails, but is also going to help in focusing over better communication with fellow employees and clients.

The companies and corporate provide with a corporate training program which help the employees. This is being designed to improve their potentiality to speak and communicate between each other. Rather, it is considered as an integrated part of every organization. With these basic skill programs even the organization builds a better way for growing globally.


Benefits of communication skills training

You can check out the benefits of communication skills training:

  • Excellent communication skills based training is going to bring on a satisfaction and helps in growing confidence.
  • Right way to communicate makes it easier for explaining what you want to speak on in an easy way.
  • Good communication is going to help avoid verbal altercations and help with better management of anger and changing relationships.
  • With a good communication skill, one can succeed with increasing business relationships.
  • Moreover, you can create an impressive remark with these communication skills to present ideas to their prospective clients.
  • Good communication skill is going to help with mastering the art and managing the relationship in a better way.
  • By these communication skills training, the organizations are going to provide with a power of expression in employees. Rather, this is going to help boost business or the organization in a perfect way.


Communication is considered as a medium of expression. This is one of the finest ways in which one can express their views and develop a friendly attitude to explore business thoughts.

Sales motivational speakers in demand

Motivation is a big word these days. It becomes very hard for some people to reach their goals without the required motivation. In today’s business scenario motivated employees are synonymous to success of the company. Many business owners hire a motivational speaker to motivate his employees on the toughest part of business i.e. sales.

Why is ‘sales’ the toughest part of a business?

People do not like being involved in this sector because they are afraid to get rejected. Once you step into this industry you should be ready to face rejection, this is a part of the job. Many people are not able to cope up with this rejection and hence they need motivation.

A good sales motivational speaker knows exactly what to speak to get the staff going and develop new sales strategy. They not only motivate them to get high in energy, they motivate them to utilize this energy in the favor of the company. They may motivate employees by telling them their own life stories and bitter life experiences. These are the people who made it through hence can help your employees too.


If you are a business owner and you experience that your employees are not working at par then probably they lack motivation. This is the time when you need to hire a motivational speaker. This is what they need to jump start their productivity. Motivational speakers are trained to speak the exact thing that will hit them right at the point.

Business owners nowadays are using many tolls to get their employees motivated. Many things can be done in this case like team building activities, a bonus vacation, and etc. But the power of a motivational speech should never be underestimated. It is considered to be the best tool to connect with your employees and increase their productivity.