7 Easy Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurship Skills

To be an entrepreneur it takes hard work, persistence and dedication because like in Cinderella we don’t have any fairy godmother who can magically change a pumpkin into a royal carriage. Continue reading “7 Easy Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurship Skills”


Be Your Own Boss – Learn Entrepreneurship Skills

You are not alone, when you want to start a business and you have no idea where to begin from.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, especially who have no business in their genes, starting up a new corporate can be daunting and overwhelming. Many people chose to be their own boss because the fascination of a dream job and leader they thought was waiting for them actually didn’t exist. Continue reading “Be Your Own Boss – Learn Entrepreneurship Skills”

7 Important Differences between Boss and a Leader

There’s a huge difference between a boss and a leader. While a boss will have a sleek and shiny room at the end of the corridor, a leader is someone who can be your colleague, a supervisor or a person sitting next to you.

While leader makes things better, boss points out what’s wrong. You can be a leader today if you enrol into Leadership Development Programs. Continue reading “7 Important Differences between Boss and a Leader”

Beyond Manager, It’s a Leader: Leadership Workshops

Leadership Development Programs do not teach individuals why they should lead; instead they train people how they should lead.

Nurturing of leaders within organizations has become an important aspect of corporate development strategies. It’s where employees, managers and co-workers are taught the difference between a leader and a boss and why it’s better to be a leader than just be a manager who commands work. Continue reading “Beyond Manager, It’s a Leader: Leadership Workshops”

Don’t Be a Boss but Be a Leader – Learn Leadership Skills

We often times misinterpret the two words, ‘Boss’ and ‘Leader’.

While a Leader can be your Boss, a boss can never be a leader. Though, it’s hard to understand the difference when you are at managerial position, Leadership workshops and in-house Leaderships Development Programs can help you to self-evaluate, and change you from being a boss to becoming a leader. Continue reading “Don’t Be a Boss but Be a Leader – Learn Leadership Skills”

Why Are You Always in a Hurry When You Can Manage Time Better

When an entire day slips by because we are in a constant frenzy of activities, we become stressed and less productive.

Are you always in a hurry? It’s true we all want to be more productive with our time but sometimes slowing down is the best choice of action. Efficiency comes with perfection, delegation and organization. Continue reading “Why Are You Always in a Hurry When You Can Manage Time Better”