Simple Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

Oftentimes while climbing the success ladder we forget the most critical skill that helps us to hold on, Communication. Take any charismatic leader; one of the remarkable traits they possess is the Skill of persuasion, negotiation and stimulation. All these are possible only when you know to communicate your thoughts or ideas seamlessly.

These 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills will help you to be a greater communicator regardless of the situation you are put in.


  • Appreciate


Make sure you appreciate and reciprocate to good effort. A vote of thanks does wonders at work. Also compliment sincere help and recognise and appraise creative work.  Appreciation is one of the best ways to build great rapport at work.



  • Connect


Connection at a deeper level is must. Knowing each other at personal level yields lifelong benefits in both private and professional lives. Ask about people’s interests, their family, hobbies and health. And make sure you show genuine interest.



  • Listen


Listening is the best gift you can give to someone. When you actually listen to someone and empathise with them, you are actually secretly motivating and inspiring people. When you listen be composed and don’t interrupt. Listen to understand and not to reply.



  • Be Positive


Positivity attracts positive people. So, wherever you are in life make sure you avoid negative comments, criticism and displeasure. Present your harsh opinions without any hint of adversity.



  • Body Language


Body language comprises a huge part in effective communication. Distraction, lack of eye contact, folded hands and legs, impatience, yawning are few non- verbal signals indicating disinterest. Avoid them.



  • Request and Repeat


Clarity in communication eliminates 20% of problems from arising. So if in doubt, politely approach and request to repeat what has been said. Before reaching to an understanding make sure you go through the important elements of the conversation.



  • Focus


It’s important to focus on the topic or objective before brewing a formal conversation. Knowing your topic keeps you on track and helps you to channelize your thoughts. This is non-applicable in casual and friendly chat.


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